Monday, July 26, 2010

-12 Basic Concepts of Ethnic Relations-=)


A process in which ethnicity they are aware of the norms and values of each other, but they still keep their culture alive


Man of the roots or the people in the bonds of the state structure


Comparing the actions of an individual or a group of other ethnic groups based on ethnic characteristics alone


Beliefs or sense of pride among members of an ethnic group that their ethnic culture and much more good and great from the other groups


A process of acceptance of cultural elements among individuals or groups other than a different culture and does not cause the original identity of the receiving society.


Opinions, thoughts or negative beliefs by a social group of any other groups based on physical characteristics or race alone


Achievement of uniformity in applying the things that are important to the country yet at the same time every nation be allowed to keep its own cultural characteristics.


Process of mergers and consolidation among the different ethnic cultures to form a cultural and ethnic groups with the same.


In this process an individual to learn and adapt to environmental thought and attitude customs, norms systems and regulations in the cultural lifeation


Negative public statements of any ethnic group or excessive description of a good or bad behavior of ethnic groups


Negative opinions about members or other ethnic groups are usually not based on accurate information and is usually not expressed openly


The nature of the relationship between ethnic separation in the country and occurs in several conditions such as residence, school systems, transportation and public utilities.

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