Thursday, October 28, 2010

Report for online survey.

For this survey, we open the questionnaire to community not only for student, but also for workers. We limit the participation only for 40 people. We announce this questionnaire at our blog and facebook.

For question 1:

From the pie chart, 70%(28) know the 2020 vision while 7.5%(3) do not know about it. Most people know because it is always said by Tun Dr. Mahathir when he is a Prime Minister. He also being a Prime Minister in a longest time. For who do not know about 2020 vision, they maybe person who do not care about current issue of Malaysia.

For question 2:

From the pie chart above, 75%(30) chose Malaysia becomes an independent country with fully developed, united nation, capable of self-reliant, progressive and peacefully is the main objective of Vision 2020 while 10%(4) chose to preserve and enhance this unity in diversity which has always been our strength and remains our best hope for the future is the main objective of Vision 2020. For who is in 75% group, they know the correct answer because they know about Vision 2020 deeply while for who is in 10% group, they maybe do not interest to know about Vision 2020.

For question 3:

From pie chart above, 37.5%(15) said yes for Malaysia achieve the goals of Vision 2020 while only 7.5%(3) do not care about it. Most said yes because they are confident and hope for the Vision 2020 achieved while for people who do not care about this maybe they are confused and under estimate about Malaysia’s ability in achieving the goal of Vision 2020.

For question 4:

From the pie chart above, 75%(30) chose Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed is create 2020 vision while 2.5% (1)chose Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah is create 2020 Vision. Most know Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed as a creator of 2020 Vision because he always said about 2020 Vision when he is a Prime Minister. Only one person chose Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah because most people know Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah as a moderator.

For question 5:

From pie chart above, 85%(34) is said agree that Vision 2020 is important for our country while 15%(6) is disagree about it. Most people agree because they want Malaysia grow progressively like other develop country. For who said no, they think it is not important because they still can success without it.

For question 6:

From the pie chart above, 55%(22) said the vision 2020 was launched on 28 February 1991while 12.5%(5) said 4 May1990. Majority know the correct answer because they remember the important date when they learnt in history subject in secondary school. For who said 4 May1990, they already forgotten what they have learnt.

In conclusion, we can determine the level of understanding about the Vision 2020 among the community and we know the community opinion about the Vision 2020. Most people are known and care about vision 2020 and hope this vision will achieve in year 2020.