Monday, July 26, 2010


1.The characterisics of society
-Clusters life
-Producing culturest

2.The characteristic of cultures
-Succeded-Culture is passed from one generation to another generation
-Universal-Culture that exist in all human groups
-Shared-Each behavior is predictable and backed by a group
-Learned-Culture should be studied and it involves many elements
-Changed-All the cultures that exist from past to present will undergo changes

3.The important of culture
-It gives an individual a unique identity
-The culture of a community gives its people a character of their own
-Cultures shapes th personality of a a community

4.The characteristic of plural society
-The government and people of different races an lived in separate comunities
-A set of culturaland political values that are shared by different communities through the national agreement
-Tendecy to predict the economic conflict in the context of race
-Different nations,but has the same desire of peace and prosperity
-Some external intervention maybe required occasionally to disperse the conflict that may exist between the people of this new plurality

5.Countries with plural society
-Republic of china

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