Thursday, October 28, 2010

individual presentation

By Haezah:

‘Betul betul betul’. When I said this words, I know you all will remember Upin & Ipin’s cartoon. I choose Upin & Ipin’s cartoon because this cartoon is relate to Ethnics Relations subject. Upin & Ipin is a Malaysian television series of short animation in village life of twins who live with their elder sister, Kak Ros and their grandmother in Kg. Durian Runtuh. I have 3 reasons why I choose this cartoon. First is Upin &Ipin ‘s cartoon has friendship in different races, second is respect in religions and third is unity.

For the first point,Upin & Ipin’s cartoon has a friendship in different races. In this cartoon, there have 3 races: Malay, Chinese and Indian. Upin& ipin have many friends in different races in young age, 5 years old. Their Chinese friend is Meimei, Indian’s friend is Jarjit and their Malay’s friends are Ehsan, Fizi and Mail. They always playing together and studying in the same school,Taska Mesra.

For the second point is respect in religions. Although Upin & Ipin only 5 years old, but they are fasting 1 month in Ramadhan. 1 day, when they have finished playing with Meimei, Meimei did not force them to drink together and she reminds them that they are fasting and she respect them fasting. When Muslim celebrates Hari Raya, Jarjit and Meimei celebrate it together.

The third point is unity. Upin & Ipin and his friends always unity and doing together in many things. For example, they are united in ‘Kami 1 Malaysia’ episode, they are united to paint Tok Dalang’s house together for celebrating Independent’s Day.

In conclusion, I will recall back 3 reason why I choose Upin &Ipin cartoon. First, this cartoon has friendship in different races, second is respect in religion and the third point is unity.

By Fatinah:

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to our beloved teacher, Mr Ahmad Ibrahim and my fellow friends. I want to share with all of you about the video that I watch. This video is about three good friends that have participated in car invention competition. The three good friends are from Malay, Chinese and Indian. They work really hard in order to achieve success. In this video also shows the kindness of these friends toward someone that facing hardship in life. Besides there also a little conflict they have with other participants. From my point of view, I can get three moral values in this video. The moral values are teamwork, helping each other and forgive and forget. All of these disregard the different races.

Proceed with my first point which is teamwork. They all are doing their best in creating and modeling a car that will make them winning this competition. Giving ideas and cooperate with each other without discrimination based on skin color and so on. Due to that, they have won the competition. All the effort they have given towards the competition is paid.

Secondly, helping each other. In this video, the Malay and Chinese are willingly to help their Indian’s father after seeing the hardship of the family. From there the Malay have an idea to create a car. After having discussion with other two friends, they have decided to build up a truck or transport that can make ‘ais kacang’ easy and faster. The transport is made especially to Indian’s father in lighten up the burden. From this, we can see both Malay and Chinese are not racists.

My third point is forgiving and forgets. Their opponent which is Malay finally asks forgiveness from the three friends after been advised by his father. That boy always making fun and teasing the Chinese and also always underestimate their group’s ability. After that, they all become friends. From there, we can see that we do not have to feel shy to ask forgiveness although they are different races from us. In fact, it will lead us in living harmony and peacefully.

In conclusion, this video really gives good moral values that we can follow. But to follow them, it is up to you to make the choice. Recall back my three points which are teamwork, helping each other and forgive and forget. Lastly, just think it wisely before making your decision. Thank you for listening.

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